Come Experience Great Italian Dishes in Lafayette, LA


Cafe Bella Main Dining Room

In the years that we have traveled and eaten throughout Italy, we have come to think of ourselves as Marco Polo with a fork. Do we have a favorite place? Of course we do. You will probably figure it out as you read our menus, but I remind you that there are at least 50 other cities that we would visit and dine in , given the chance.

In Italy, the mind and the senses are always engaged. Everything there has a meaning and occupies a place that is part of the larger whole. The Italian person is a person who seeks to understand what all this means. So being a gourmet traveller in Italy is not only about eating in well-regarded restaurants, luxury accommodations and shopping. It is about making connections with a culture, a lifestyle, a philosophy, a people and their history.

This is the Italy of conspicuous consumption, where what you drive, how you dress, where you live, what you eat, demonstrates the beautiful image known as Cafe Bella.

Buon Viaggio e Buon Appetito!

Jack & Mickie

Had the Cannelloni, and my boyfriend had the braised pork shank, both were delicious, the service was great and the new location is beautiful. But seriously the food. So tasty!

Sarah Fogle

If you find yourself wanting a quiet place to dine and relax, this is definitely the place. The wine list is amazing and the food is second to none. The owner and his wife will greet you and check on your table. You will see them bussing tables, serving and even taking orders. This classic venue is the epitome of fine dining and you are sure to be left with a lasting impression and a haunting desire for the homemade lemoncello!

Justin S. Patin

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